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Dr. Eric Jaszewski of Lawrence Family Chiropractic wants to explain exactly how regular chiropractic care can help you and your family! Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health for many years to come!

At Lawrence Family Chiropractic, our Lawrence Township NJ chiropractor has a unique and highly advanced system of both analyzing and adjusting the spine. Our office is one of the only offices that utilizes the most advanced technology in offering joint motion imaging. We are continually amazed at how chiropractic care helps the families who seek care in our office. We will educate you about chiropractic and other natural solutions to common health problems. Chiropractic helps with so much more than traditional back and neck pain. It can help alleviate symptoms experienced from a variety of conditions.

Dr. Eric Jaszewski D.C.

Pierce Results System

We utilize the Pierce Results System for evaluating spinal health, observing its movement within expected ranges. By incorporating specific movements like turning and bending, we can pinpoint potential spinal issues. This comprehensive biomechanical assessment forms the foundation for precise adjustments facilitated by a handheld instrument.

The Instrument

The computerized instrument used as part of Pierce applies a series of “taps” on particular vertebrae. Using a high-tech “force transducer,” the computer evaluates how the vertebral segment is responding. Think of it as a small reflex hammer that’s often used during a medical physical. (You’ll hear the difference as each segment assumes a more competent position.) The computer helps us identify where to adjust and how your body is responding to your adjustment.

The Table

With this technique, we commonly use a specialized adjusting table that features cushions that “drop” away. This feature decreases the amount of energy required to make changes in your neck and pelvis. The other primary benefit of drop tables is they help make the adjustment for the patient more comfortable.

The Results

Subluxations produce an inflammatory response that can be measured by changes in temperature. We’ll monitor your progress and look for pattern changes along your spine by utilizing highly-sensitive temperature measuring equipment.

As improved spinal function returns and nerve interference is decreased, your body’s innate healing ability will be enhanced.

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